State of the Union

The year is 2021. Everything has been shitty for a very long time. The capital just got stormed by alt-right extremists. The inauguration of a the President they hate is days away. Privatized avenues of communication and social media have been left by some in favor of… other private avenues of communication and social media. We have reached a tumultuous pinnacle of cognitive dissonance we can no longer push under the rug.

Freedom of speech does not absolve one from accountability.
Now we are dealing with a small group of extremists with their backs against the wall.
And the one, final thing left that would absolve them of all accountability?
Flipping the board. Destroying all those who lay blame is the only last hope for people in this situation, and their echo chamber would have them believe its a real option.
Its not a problem a healthier society has to worry about too much.

We know these people have been radicalized to the point of violence. Personally, my heart breaks for them. The reality they must perceive seems so awful. I don’t know what I would do if I lived their life.

And that brings back accountability and free speech. These people were pushed into this reality by elite opportunists. To move forward, we have to address ALL the framing of the media in America. If you lefties don’t think your MSM choice is bias in what it chooses to air then I got some land in the Everglades to sell ya. The planned and orchestrated divisiveness of the media, along with the planned and orchestrated castration of a government for the people, has agitated and/or oppressed people on both sides of the political aisles to an extreme level.

But those aisles are NOT the political spectrum! Both party establishments exist as neoliberal entities, pushing along a narrow narrative of America based on our disagreements and how much the elite can make off of the working class’ labor. That narrative has been so all-encompassing, we now have people in the fringe who feel like their violence will make them heroes.
But there is no war except the ones we create.

Now our government is reaping what they are at least complicit in sowing. Instability is bad for business, but great for criminal opportunists.
If our government wants a unified people, it must address the very real corruption and control inherent in our system. Because however fucked up the news is that the fringe is getting fed, most of it starts with recognizable truths.
The inexcusable empire must be let to fall. The cognitive dissonance of privilege and innocence must dissolve to the root. Only when we are all real with ourselves will we heal as a nation. And the talk we have always needed to have ends with better representation- the kind that nobody gets with a two party system.

Government- You cant shut out an idea by squashing it. We all learned that together as a nation as our war machine burned down the Middle East. But domestically, you can give the voices behind those ideas fair and equitable representation in a better democratic system. Along with the rest of us.

I haven’t even heard this option brought to the table as a response to recent events.
Just like it wasn’t brought up during the BLM protests. I wonder why.

We can do better. All of us who are fighting for change need to fight as one for fair and equitable representation. This democracy is a sham. But that doesn’t mean dissolving into a battle between democracy and fascism is our only recourse. In 2021, we need to level the playing ground and open up our system to become one that is actually representative of all the people.

Except fascists. Fuck fascists.


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