My name is Curtis. I am 30 years old and from Tampa Bay, Florida. In my adult life, I’ve always worked in the service industry, and loved it. It’s an honest living and it afforded me the opportunity to make people happy every day.

I do have a degree in Political Science, but have never “used” it, according to my resume. I didn’t go to school to get a career, I went to get an education- a broad one, that incorporated the need to understand a lot of things together. Social constructs, technology, culture, politics, the economy, international relations, sustainability, history, etc.  I went to college to be a more well-rounded person. A more understanding person. And in that sense, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of my degree, and I even keep that slightly crumpled piece of paper they gave me, somewhere. I’ll throw it away when I’m done paying for it.

Service has always been something I’ve clung to, because it gives me value. Value has always been more important to me than worth- Worth is a double-edged sword, whereas value can only be from zero to positive. And the positive is limitless.

Now I’ve decided to expand my value. I’m getting out of the rat-race and heading West. I will be stopping in various towns and cities, national parks, and campgrounds. And I’ll be cleaning.

The one thing that affects everything I have learned, all the people I love, and all the beauty around me, is the health of our planet. In this age, environmental consciousness and sustainability absolutely must be at the forefront of our collective thought as the sentient curators of this planet. Most people understand that concept. And most people are waiting for everyone else to do something about it.

I volunteer.

I have sold/given away most of my belongings. Everything I own now fits in the trunk of my car. Clothes, supplies, tools, and equipment. I’m hitting the road. And I’m going to do my best to make a difference, to make the world a little nicer, and to show that a person’s value isn’t decided by their bank account, but by the beauty they create.



My mission is to travel America, assessing environmental concerns, documenting them and fixing what I can. Between personal and community clean-ups, I will write about the policies and initiatives in place to help with said concerns, and whether they seem to be effective. I will clean up as I go, taking before-and-after pictures of little pieces of our planet, restored to their natural beauty. Livestreaming will also be a big part of my journey, as I broadcast my life as a travelling activist, photographer, and writer. Eventually I plan to break into Virtual Reality environmental journalism as a way to really show people the problems our environment is facing in a more immersive way, with the goal of strengthening support for clean-ups and green initiatives in a manner consistent with the pressing needs of our planet.